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The Best Products For You And Your Family - Many Healing & Prevention Item Available
Can't Decide? Announcing the Most Complete Medical Mattress on the Market Today - Prevents Pressure Sores, Pain Therapy Relief, & Heals Stages 1-4 - Free Shipping, Shop Now
The Best Products For You And Your Family - Many Healing & Prevention Item Available!
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Medical Air specializes in healing and preventing bed sores. Our medical air mattresses are used in many nursing homes, hospitals, and the home health care market for decubitus ulcer treatment.

It is our goal to help you select the correct medical air mattress for yourself or your loved one. We offer a variety of alternating pressure mattresses that prevent and heal all stages of bed sores and pressure ulcers.

Now you can purchase and own the same hospital air mattresses that are used to treat bed sores. All of our medical air mattresses are sold to the public at wholesale prices.

We have many support surface solutions available for pressure management. Alternating pressure therapy, low air loss, self adjusting mattresses, true low air and pulsation. Each section explains the products and how they are used. It is our goal provide you with the education necessary to select the best product for you or your loved one.

UPS Ground is included FREE with your alternating pressure mattress purchase. Most locations will receive their products with in 2-3 business days. 2nd day and next day air services are available.

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